alumasqrl (alumasqrl) wrote,


but the terminator fell down the stairs
it was kinda a good thing that he did
right after his friends drove him to the hospital, batman showed up at the same party
given their mutual history, i really don't think it could've gone very well.
though that's not to say that batman didn't get into some trouble anyway
that was the same night he stole someones scooter and took off
now, batman is known for his habits
and he's primarily a drinker.
he promptly wrecked the vespa on a public mailbox.

you'll never see stuff like this covered in the rags.
why would the media care about some delusional alcoholic homo in a sweaty plastic suit?
that's the kinda thing most people avoid.
yeah, batman is one sad case.
if ya hear someone talking about the heroin... he's got a bad rap for that
but it wasn't his stuff
you and i both know that when a deal goes bad, richard simmons will be nowhere around it
and someone has to take the fall

as everyone knows
him and the green hornet were lovers
where did you think the green hornet got his name?
it was just batmans pet name for him.
green hornet decided to use the name publicly to proclaim his love for batman
but that was back when he was young enough to believe in love.
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