alumasqrl (alumasqrl) wrote,


every now and then it catches me off guard
then i'm like "OH YEAH"
then all the fancy people come out of the trees
and they congratulate me on a job well done
commending my most excellent perceptions
and my ability to discover their thinly veiled aptitude tests
they then ask me what i'm doing tomorrow
and i have to say that i'm free, because i always am
and i don't want to accidentally refuse them my time
because i know that's why they're asking
and since i've already been so gracious as to accept their well-thought-out plans and compliments,
i at least owe them some more of my otherwise worthless time.
then they just look at each other quickly,
eyes catching others in some sort of verification procedure
and then i'm cordially invited to their secret meeting place at a semirandom time tomorrow
i wonder if i should go there
it's awful nice of them to try and make a mammal of me,
but i'm not sure that beating a robot with an assortment of leafy branches and weed stems will change its material makeup very much
i almost wish it would work... just so i could see them happy
but that's okay
there's always yesterday
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