alumasqrl (alumasqrl) wrote,

going back to find

i built a machine to secure personal glory.
it made lots of noise before bursting into flames and ejecting this-
a rock with my name on it.
i guess i should've seen that one coming.

i felt unlike my normal self
so i went out into the night
and disguised by the sound of rain
i broke into song
and stole all of the cash i found there.
then i went home.
she met me at the door. said she was crazy-
pointed to the temporary tattoo on her ankle
gestured to her wire-pierced navel
i told her she was mistaken
pointing to the peeling paint near her hand
where she gripped the door trim
reminding her of what i'd left unsaid.
she said she was crazy-
looking at me, asking me to believe,
leaving me to contest her claim again.
"no you aren't."
still, jane disagreed.

but it was already 1987
i was already living years later
remembering when she had died.
eating cold french fries
and laughing to myself.
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